Novelis Accelerates Aluminum Automotive-Part Innovation with New Rollforming-Development Line

May 26, 2023

novelis-rollforming-lineAluminum manufacturer Novelis Inc. has commissioned a new rollforming-development line to help the firm meet growing automotive-industry demand for a process that can produce large volumes of high-strength aluminum parts. Located at the company’s Automotive Customer Solution Center in Novi, Michigan, MI, the new line will allow Novelis to conduct full-scope, year-round research and development on rollforming of high-strength aluminum at scale. 

“The automotive industry understands the benefits of aluminum and is looking to Novelis to develop technology that supports growth initiatives,” says Jamie Zinser, vice president, global automotive at Novelis. “We’ve introduced this development line to accelerate research and development, not to become a rollforming company. Our goal is to work with our automotive and Tier I partners to innovate and develop aluminum sheet technology that will support the electrification movement.” 

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