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ABB Turbocharging Chooses Additive Industries AM Platform for On-Demand Spare Parts

February 15, 2022

ABB Turbocharging has chosen to invest in the MetalFab1 additive manufacturing (AM) platform from Additive Industries for on-demand production of spare parts. By replacing casting with industrial 3D printing, the company expects to reduce lead time for these parts by weeks.

ABB Turbocharging currently produces cast spare parts in demand for its 500-kW to 80-plus-MW turbochargers used in diesel and gas engines. The company and Additive Industries are jointly optimizing the integrated process to replace casting and move part fabrication to the digital space, according to Additive Industries officials.

ABB Turbocharging has 200,000 turbochargers in its installed base for use in marine-engine and emergency-power-generation applications. To secure availability for the thousands of different turbocharger spare-part designs, with casting lead times up to nine weeks, a large number of spare parts must be carried in inventory. With the MetalFAB1 platform, the spare parts manufacturing lead times can be reduced to a week, enabling spare-parts inventory levels to be reduced by a significant amount.

“ABB Turbocharging is committed to drive progress in the domain of digital spare-part manufacturing, very relevant in a time where shortening the lead times and limiting logistical movements around the world is key,” says Ian Howe, CEO of Additive Industries. 

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