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Long-Life Magnetic Slide Conveyors

August 1, 2008

Storch Magnetics, Livonia, MI, introduces a series of magnetic slide conveyors designed for long life, and after many years of service can be rebuilt for extended life due to the 304-stainless steel rebuildable track.

The slide conveyors are liquid tight and have no external moving components. All moving conveyor components and drive train are lubricated by a sealed oil bath for long service life. Also, since contaminants can’t infiltrate the conveyor’s interior, chain and track life are extended.

Storch conveyors use a high-yield-strength solid-pin prestretched chain for long life. Most also use an oversized roller chain to reduce wear on the tracking components. A double C-channel stainless steel laser-cut track provides three-sided encapsulation of the chain while reinforcing and keeping the conveyor frame straight and magnetically insulating the chain from the conveyor body.

All slider plates and guides are through-bolted to the conveyor frame with grade-eight UNC fasteners instead of sheetmetal screws for better seal integrity and added frame rigidity.

A direct-mounted drivetrain minimizes drive components to promote high drive efficiency, less wear and reduced maintenance. Magnets are free floating, which reduces chain stress and binding to extend conveyor life.

Storch Magnetics offers five standard conveyor profiles: 1.75, 3.5, 5, 8 and 11 in., with widths from 4 to 36 in. and capacities from 150 to 18,000 lb./hr. on a single conveyor. Custom-engineered magnetic conveyors can be built.

Storch Magnetics: 734/591-2200;

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