Autonomous Mobile Robots Increase Efficiency, Improve Morale at Denso

December 2, 2022

The Denso 800,000-sq.-ft. powertrain-component production facility in Athens, TN, has deployed six MiR250 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to transport materials. The firm also has the robots operating in two other U.S. locations, as well as three facilities in Europe and two in Asia. According to Denso logistics and automation engineer Travis Olinger, the company prefers AMRs over automated guided vehicles because AMRs can navigate on their own with quick mapping and quick changes without the need for a costly infrastructure built into the facilities’ floor. 

Olinger adds that the MiR250 robots were particularly compelling because of their 2 m/sec. speed, their 550-lb. payload capacity, and the ability to navigate narrow spaces. Using the robots at the Athens plant frees employees from having to walk as much as 12 mi./day moving material between production areas and the warehouse and has allowed six workers to transition to more value-added work. 

Technologies: Pressroom Automation


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