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Hirebotics Cobot Welder Integrates Miller Auto DeltaWeld GMAW Power Source

June 21, 2024

Hirebotics-Miller-Cobot-WeldingCollaborative-robot (cobot)-led welding continues to penetrate the manufacturing environment, with welding-technology suppliers offering technology to better mesh with cobots. And, when paired with a smartphone/tablet control app, the process offers ease of programming and use. Case in point: Hirebotics has launched support for the new Miller Electric Auto DeltaWeld with its cobot welder. Designed for cobots, Auto DeltaWeld is a gas-metal-arc-welding (GMAW)/flux-cored, pulsed-capable power source.

Paired with the Hirebotics cobot, this cobot-welding setup is controlled by cloud-based Beacon, a Hirebotics smartphone app. Via a simple smartphone/tablet interface, the user can control everything in one place, making the process easier and faster compared to systems where welders must go back and forth between the teach pendant and the power source, according to officials from both companies.

With Beacon, users can switch processes between continuous voltage and pulsed GMAW, and control wire-feed speed; arc length; crater fill time; weave action; pre- and post-flow time; and burnback, retract and hot-start settings. And, with remote software updating, future welding features and functions can be integrated with the cobot welder. 

Auto DeltaWeld reportedly provides exceptional reliability and welding quality on carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum sheet and structural material. Power-source features include production of gas-tungsten-arc -like welds with GMAW productivity via pulsed-GMAW; Miller’s Accu-Pulse, which reportedly provides a wide operating window, works in all positions, improves pulsed-GMAW application and increases deposition by 20-25%; and high-duty cycle to ensures uninterrupted cobot welding for most applications.

Beacon automatically recommends welding parameters using artificial intelligence, and users can use recommended and previously saved settings, or input welding parameters manually.

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