Lighter Crossbar Tooling Saves Energy, Increases Robot Capacity

June 1, 2016

New IMI Norgren Featherweight tooling, from IMI Precision Engineering, Saline, MI, reportedly is 70-percent lighter than existing modular tooling, meaning that it can consume less energy, increase robot speed and carry more cups. It also has a ball clamp that allows the crossbar to be positioned closer to the panel, which also helps speed press automation.

The lightweight tooling causes less wear and tear on crossbars and robots, helping reduce downtime and prolong equipment life. When maintenance is required, a simple-access bolt head on the bracket arms allows operators to make adjustments while the tooling is on the crossbar.

IMI Norgren Featherweight Tooling is a direct replacement for existing tooling, and is available in bracket-arm lengths from 100 to 800 mm in 25-mm increments. Additional size ranges will be introduced through the end of 2016.

IMI Precision Engineering:


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