MC Machinery Survey: Several Reasons to Invest in Automation

November 3, 2020

MC Machinery-Automation-SurveyAn online survey of more than 160 manufacturers conducted in October find that 72 percent of respondents use automation in the manufacturing facilities, and 27 percent employ automation “extensively.”  Nearly 30 percent of respondents plan to add or expand their automation capabilities within the next few months.

The primary reasons for adding or expanding the use of automation:

•             The need for increased productivity (74 percent), to increase productivity and reduce costs.  

•             A lack of skilled workers (67 percent).

•             Business continuity (58 percent), to become more flexible and able to adapt to a changing environment that may include an increasingly remote workforce and fewer employees. 

•             Safety (33 percent), helping to prevent injuries to employees who no longer must perform heavy lifting and other potentially dangerous tasks. 

•             Social-distancing requirements (12 percent), allowing manufacturers to perform the same amount of work with fewer employees. 

“This survey shows how important automation is to the future of manufacturing,” says MC Machinery vice president of sales and marketing Bill Isaac. “While the use of automation was increasing before the pandemic, the past few months have further illustrated the importance of automation to long-term success.”  


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