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Hexagon Acquires ETQ, Provider of SaaS Quality Management System

September 16, 2022

Hexagon AB has acquired Massachusetts-based ETQ, a provider of software as a service (SaaS) for quality management; environment, health and safety; and compliance management. ETQ’s SaaS quality management system (QMS) product, ETQ Reliance, enables the automating of collection and delivery of manufacturing quality-control data, nonconformance reports, customer feedback and more, providing an enterprise view of quality management across an entire product lifecycle, according to Hexagon officials. It reportedly features out-of-the-box functionality and no-code configurability, enabling users to tailor it to their unique needs and optimize business processes to achieve their quality, safety and environmental goals. ETQ Reliance also enables connectivity of quality data and processes across supply chains, bringing suppliers and customers into a single system.

The software’s data-management capabilities, driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence, make quality data fully actionable and available further upstream, thus reducing defects, scrap, rework and recalls, and enabling an autonomous feedback loop, digital information trail and cycle of continuous improvement, explain company officials.

Following the acquisition, ETQ announced a new release of its cloud-native QMS, Reliance NXG, allowing teams to create and edit Google Docs natively in Reliance. The company also launched its newest application, Quality Events, which enables a broad set of deviation-management capabilities. It provides a tool set to manage unplanned deviations and provides a process to capture all types of events and determine if further action is required.

Seamless integration between ETQ Document Control and Google Docs in this new release allows for improved collaboration on the word-processing platform, while maintaining full security and access control of the documents.

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