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Technical Conference Tailored for Todays Challenges

March 1, 2009

Shemp stood to inherit $500,000 from a rich uncle. But the will stipulated that Shemp would only receive the money if he were married within 48 hours. Moe and Larry made sure he got on the horn quickly.

“Will you marry me?” Click!

“It’s no use, fellas,” he lamented after yet another marriage-proposal phone call ended in another abrupt hang up. “I can’t find a girl who’s interested in me.”

“Maybe not,” offered Larry, “but you might find one who’s interested in a half-million bucks.”

Larry nailed it, and Shemp soon had them lined up.

At the risk of being perhaps the first person on earth to find profound wisdom in a Three Stooges episode, I found it in Larry’s perspective. The tools were there for Shemp to succeed, they just needed to be honed and displayed. Believe it or not, there’s a lesson here for us. Challenging times? Of course. But you’ve weathered difficulties, and you must have the knowhow to have survived the roller coaster ride of manufacturing. So let the Precision Metalforming Association be your Larry. How?

Attend PMA’s first annual Technical Conference, April 26-28 in Cleveland, OH. The conference is specifically designed to provide metalformers with ideas to enhance their operations and survive and thrive in this difficult manufacturing environment. You’ll learn how to make better use of the resources you already have, and what technologies you can add to better provide what customers need. All of this with careful attention to your bottom line.

The conference kicks off on Sunday, April 26, with a general assembly session titled “Surviving Economic Hard Times, Positioning for Good Times,” including a panel discussion on issues affecting manufacturing in general and metalforming in particular.

On Monday and Tuesday, April 27-28, the conference will address topics identified as key success factors for the metalforming industry—best practices, industry benchmarking, current technology and its applications, and future advancements.

Sign up if you’re interested in how to analyze and prevent tool failures, how to most economically and efficiently protect your tooling, how to choose the best lubricant for a particular stamping operation.

Need to know how higher-strength steel affects tooling and the forming process? Experts Stu Keeler and Pete Ulintz explore the topic using plenty of new information. They’ll examine the effect higher strength has on stretching, bending and drawing, springback and part dimensional variation. They’ll relate how forming higher-strength steel places added demands on lubrication, and how you can recognize when problems result from the material used or from the tooling employed.

Interested in how fabrication equipment can augment your stamping operations? We’ve got that covered, too. You’ll also learn how software can boost your bottom line and improve production, how pressroom machinery can be linked to improve production management, and a whole lot more.

You can also find out how the metalforming industry is continuing to innovate, as PMA will present its 2009 Awards of Excellence in Metalforming dinner and reception. This event will highlight award-winning achievements in the areas of metalforming design, safety, training and education, process control, quality, productivity and product development.

For more on the PMA Technical Conference, which also includes table-top exhibits, visit http://pma.org/ annual-tech-conference, or contact PMA’s Deanna Nwosu at 216/901-8800, dnwosu@pma.org.

So, let’s take a lesson from Shemp and his pals: To invite success, get the most out of what you have and put your best foot forward. PMA, the April Technical Conference and MetalForming magazine will certainly help with that.

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