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Press Builder Introduces Industry 4.0 Integration

October 1, 2019

Stamping press builder Seyi Machinery has introduced its Intelligent Manufacturing Solution. SIMS integrates the press, production lines, and factory management systems to achieve different layers of smart manufacturing, smart production applications and smart management applications. Using flexible and highly expansive software modules, Seyi presses monitor the machine status and signal the early warning to boost up the best production efficiency and reduce unexpected downtime.

SIMS also decides and executes functions in the process of feed, transport and replace production dies after the customers receive an order. Finally, via the internet, SIMS integrates different categories of production line signal with overall effectiveness and production status obtained by machine controllers and sensors. This solution not only provides management information of production reports and overall equipment effectiveness, but also integrates systems such as ERP and MES.

Industry-Related Terms: Lines
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Technologies: Sensing/Electronics/IOT, Stamping Presses


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