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Technology for Unifying and Analyzing Machine and Sensor Data

March 3, 2023

FairCom-Edge-Machine-Data-Capture-IIoT-Industry-4.0As technology advances, a huge challenge involves unlocking and extracting data trapped inside of machines and sensors. To meet that challenge, FairCom offers its Edge platform, what it terms as a low-code/no-code IIoT solution. The Edge platform reportedly simplifies the integration of sensor and machine data at the source in a manufacturing operation, unifying messaging, persistence and analytics with an all-in-one solution complete with browser-based administration, configuration and monitoring, all via common industrial protocols. 

FairCom Edge supports MQTT and OPC UA for machine-to-machine communication, SQL for interactive analytics and HTTP/REST for real-time monitoring. It continuously retrieves data from sensors and machines with OPC UA support, and receives messages from those with MQTT support. The data then are automatically parsed, persisted and made accessible via MQTT and SQL to a manufacturer’s specific applications.

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