Software Tracks, Manages and Supports AM Operations

December 10, 2018

As AM solidifies its place in industry, more solutions have been introduced to cater to the process’ unique characteristics. This includes Bright AM, a production platform from Throughput|Bluestreak that tracks, manages and supports AM’s unique requirements. The software tracks the process of disparate parts 3D printed together on a single build plate as well as everything from incoming orders to work in progress to delivery confirmation, according to company officials.

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Bright AM also supports unique serial numbers for each part being printed and tracks each serial number through the process, including any nonconformances, a critical requirement for such industries as aerospace, aviation and medical.

“Although the additive-manufacturing industry has been evolving rapidly into a viable production technology, what individual companies are working out for themselves, is quality processes with repeatability,” says Todd Wenzel, president and chief technology officer. “With so many parameters, how do you track, validate processes and ultimately pass certification which is necessary to compete in the bevy of industries of which AM benefits? That’s where Bright AM excels.”

The software reportedly enables businesses to conform to individual-part-specification requirements while automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail, containing specification documents, operating requirements and media attachments, as well as automatically cross-reference specifications to everything it impacts within the system.

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