3D Reports Make Simulation Results Easier to Interrogate

March 1, 2008

3D reports make simulation results easier to interrogate

StampingSimulation.com, La Habra, CA, a provider of AutoForm simulation services, announces delivery of its new 3D reporting tool, designed to simplify interpretation and interrogation of sheetmetal-forming-simulation results. The new 3D technology allows all job data to be embedded within a single Adobe Acrobat PDF document, giving customers the ability to measure, manipulate, view and extract their results within a single document, providing simple distribution to those who need it via the standard Acrobat Reader application.

StampingSimulation.com offers two online services, now reported in 3D. With SimulateLite: Virtual Tryout, users can test any tool or process design before committing to costly tooling fabrication.

With SimulateComplete: Process Engineering allows users, starting with only the final part geometry, to obtain a successful forming process and outputs to fast-track any sheetmetal-part project, including tooling surfaces and developed blank shape.


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