Simwon America Corp. Ramps Up Hot Stamping in Austin, TX

November 13, 2023

APT-press-hardening-simwon-texasLaunched during the spring of 2022, a new AP&T hot stamping line at the Austin, TX, facility of South Korean Tier One automotive supplier Simwon is  manufacturing door rings at a production rate “15 to 20 percent higher than our other press-hardening lines,” says Jeon Incheol, senior manager of the overseas sales team at Simwon Co Ltd. Now that the line has been running for close to a year and a half, both companies are prepared to discuss how they can further develop their collaboration.  

The line includes a 1200-ton hydraulic press, automation equipment and a control system. Also included: AP&T’s in-line process monitoring, featuring cameras and pyrometers that help to ensure a well-controlled manufacturing process.

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