F&B Manufacturing Installs a Pair of Quintus Hydroform Presses

August 18, 2020

With the installation of two hydroform deep draw presses from Quintus Technologies, F&B Manufacturing, Phoenix, AZ, has elevated its capacity and capabilities. The presses’ flexible forming technology allows the company’s design and development engineers to offer more options to serve customer production streams, while also addressing new applications and markets. Says general manager Brian Morris: “Hydroforming is at the core of our success. Our two new Quintus presses replace decades-old hydroform presses that did not fit with our expansion plans.”

The presses, Quintus QFM 1.1-800 models, feature a modular dual-tray shuttle system that allows F&B to draw up to 10 in. deep and accept blank sizes to 43.1-in. dia., 25-percent increase over previous capacity. Using high isostatic pressure up to 11,600 psi, parts can be formed in a variety of tough materials and thicknesses to tight tolerances with minimal thinning. The presses can form with a programmable movable punch, or with single-half cavity, block and expansion tooling.

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