Piper Aircraft Adds New Quintus Hydroforming Press

November 24, 2020

Quintus Technologies has been selected by aircraft manufacturer Piper Aircraft to provide a high-pressure hydroforming fluid-cell press for its facility in Vero Beach, FL. The new press, a model QFC 1x3-800, generates a press force of 35,000 tons across the entire forming area of 39 by 118 in., and includes user-friendly features such as remote system control and a high degree of self-diagnostics. The installation will allow Piper to redirect component production from a 40-yr.-old still-operational ASEA press (the former Quintus brand name).

The Quintus Flexform technology uses a single, rigid tool half to form sheet metal parts. It replaces the customary second tool half with a flexible rubber diaphragm, an integral part of the press that fully covers the entire forming area. The high forming pressure—11,600 psi--ensures the production of close-tolerance parts direct from the press, with little or no secondary hand work required.

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