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Linear Servo Press

September 28, 2022

Beckwood Corp.

Booth B5507

BeckwoodBeckwood will unveil its new Linear Servo Press (LSP) at FABTECH, promising a high degree of forming flexibility at production-level speeds without the use of hydraulic or mechanical flywheel systems. By reducing the number of moving components required to generate force, users will experience a simplified design that allows for easy setup and troubleshooting, and no maintenance for millions of cycles.

The patent-pending LSP machines run entirely on electricity and combine the flexibility of hydraulic presses with the performance of servomechanical presses. Since linear servo presses achieve full tonnage throughout the stroke, BDC is eliminated. This means there is no tonnage loss above BDC, and press tonnage can be appropriately sized, resulting in upfront cost savings.

The model LSP-250-3660 on display will feature 250 tons of force rated anywhere in the stroke via an all-electric actuation system with two linear servo actuators, a 36 by 60-in. forming area and production-level speeds. The technology requires no crankshaft, counterbalance, flywheel, centralized lubrication or hydraulic power unit.

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