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Nederman’s Smart Filters Promise to Improve Dust- and Fume-Collector Performance

February 15, 2021

nederman-MCP-smartfiltersThe implementation of new IoT-enabled MCP SmartFilters, from Nederman, will allow operators to predict the maintenance needs of their dust and fume collectors rather than respond to accidents and problems once they have occurred. Among the benefits of the technology: improved uptime and filtration-system life, the ability to collect and track data gauging filter performance, improved safety and optimized energy efficiency. 

Nederman MCP SmartFilters feature sensors and controls that monitor critical components to keep the dust- and fume-collection system running efficiently and reliably. Their unique shape--a square with rounded corners--optimizes airflow per footprint, say company officials: 8500 m3/h/m2. This design reportedly gives the MCP filter 25-percent more filter area compared to conventional cylindrical filters.

The MCP SmartFilter is equipped with Nederman’s IntelliPulse intelligent filter-cleaning control system, which works to maintain a constant-differential pressure drop across the filter element while minimizing the use of compressed air. Fewer filter cleaning cycles means less emissions, less use of compressed air, lower energy costs, reduced system wear and tear and extended filter life.


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