T. J. Snow Introduces Certification and Calibration Service for Resistance-Welding Machines

March 16, 2021

TJ-Snow-resistance-welding-calibration-repairT. J. Snow Company, Chattanooga, TN, now offers a calibration and certification program for resistance-welding equipment, building on its 58 years of providing specialized service and repairs. The company will completely and thoroughly evaluate the equipment, regardless of brand or type, checking the resistance of the machine’s secondary loop and the consistent delivery of welding force and current. Additionally, it will evaluate all of the machine’s secondary components, including secondary bolts, electrodes, tooling, air systems and water circuits, as well as the control. 

All inspections are performed by one of T. J. Snow’s American Welding Society Certified Resistance Welding Technicians, who, should the need arise, can address minor fixes or adjustments during the inspection. The technician, after completing the inspection, provides a detailed report and a dated certification sticker.

For more information, email Josh Garmon.

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