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Early Supplier Involvement

Involvement of a supplier during the conceptual development stage of a product.


A transition between surfaces.

Edge Bulge

Condition resulting from any forming, piercing, hardware insertion or spot welding operation too close to an edge.

Edge Deckle Mill Edge

Waviness of an unslit coil edge, as received from the material supplier.

Edge Pucker

Material extrusion beyond an outside edge through metal forming.


A dimension between the edge of the part and a feature.

Effective Case Depth

The perpendicular distance from the surface of a hardened case to the deepest point at which a specified level of hardness is attained.


In gas-metal-arc and gas-tungsten-arc welding, a rod or wire acts as an electrical conductor and arc point between the torch and workpiece. In spot welding, electrodes squeeze together metal parts, then conduct current through to create the weld.

Electrolytically Deposited

Depositing of one material on another commonly known as plating.

Electron Beam Welding EBW

Melting and fusing of metals by use of a collimated stream of electrons traveling at close to the speed of light. The kinetic energy from the electrons converts to heat on impact.