Beam Offset Explained

January 5, 2022

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Beam Offset Explained
In this latest knowledge snack from the Additive Minds team at EOS we learn about beam offset (or beam compensation)—shifting of the laser beam to compensate for the size difference between the laser beam and the curing zone during the build.  The 4-min. animated video explains how beam offset helps to ensure part dimensional accuracy and describes a case study showing how added beam offset when applied to planetary gears enables the gears to run more smoothly. 

Solar Atmospheres
Vacuum Heat Treating 3D Metal Printed Components
Since 3D printing builds to near net or finished dimensions, vacuum heat treating is an absolute necessity. Vacuum levels that approach 1 X 10-6 Torr produce clean and oxide free surface conditions that are metallurgically stable. Critical temperature control is also a must to avoid cracking and producing a strong and ductile part.

AM, Scanning, Laser Marking and Welding in One Machine
At Formnext, Nikon introduced the Lasermeister 102A, which employs a high-precision laser to perform metal processing—providing AM capabilities while also enabling laser marking and welding. The system observes the molten state of the melt pool to control and stabilize modeling, according to Nikon officials, which enables uniform profiles on edges for improved productivity.

Solar Atmospheres
Vacuum Sintering Furnace Delivering Bright, Clean Parts at Significant Cost Savings
Solar Atmospheres of Western PA reports impressive results after more than a month of production of a vacuum furnace used in a new metal injection molding (MIM) and additive manufacturing (AM) binder-removal technology application. The project’s goal: Build a vacuum sintering furnace with a new innovative hot zone and pumping technology that would minimize and target the deposit of detrimental binders evaporating out of MIM and AM parts. The anticipated maintenance savings on this dedicated furnace, versus processing sintering and AM work with binders in a traditional vacuum furnace, reportedly will be considerable.

Single- and Multi-Laser Machines Feature Simplified Powder Handling
Renishaw has introduced two variants in its RenAM 500 line of metal-AM machines: the RenAM 500S Flex, a single-laser machine, and the RenAM 500Q Flex, a four-laser machine. Both feature simplified powder-handling systems, making them suited to manufacturers that regularly must swap build materials during production, such as in R&D, pre-production and bureau environments.

“Manufacturers can quickly change powders in the RenAM 500S Flex and RenAM 500Q Flex inhouse, giving them the flexibility needed to meet customer demand,” explains Lily Dixon, AM project manager at Renishaw.

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Fall 2021
In This Issue
Big Thumbs Up for RAPID + TCT 2021
That’s the consensus from attendees and exhibitors, as the first live RAPID + TCT showcased plenty of new technology and services.

Stamper Finds Multiple Uses for Metal 3D Printing
Egar Tool and Die must be able to quickly produce dies to meet customer requirements, and quickly retool for different jobs. To help meet those challenges, the company invested recently in metal 3D printing technology.

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