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February 7, 2022

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Preparing for an OSHA Inspection
Ron Pitcher, president of Pitcher Insurance Agency, offers advice on how to prepare your metal forming company for an OSHA inspection, including best practices for conducting the walk-around with the compliance safety and health officer, conducting the opening and closing conferences, and reacting to citations.

“During the walk-around, ensure that all employees have the required PPE and are following proper safety protocols,” Pitcher writes. “Keep the route as limited as possible, while understanding the plain-view doctrine. That is, a CSHO can investigate any hazard observed while walking through the premise.”
Bringing Lean Principles to the Front Office
“Just as you assign a value to the benefit of things in the operation, you can do the same in the front office. Lean principles also apply to traditional scheduling functions, finance, even sales and marketing. Bringing lean principles to your manufacturing office will save you time and, ultimately, money.”

So goes this recent article from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Penned by manufacturing consultant Keith Groves, the article discusses process mapping, 5S and other principles applicable to the office.
Marion Manufacturing
Special Report: The New Laws of Talent Attraction
From Chief Executive magazine comes this timely study of what it takes to win the war for talent, especially for small businesses.  Some nuggets to chew on:
  • "Even CEOs of companies that rely on on-premises work have found that enriching employees’ lives is the optimal strategy to win the war for talent.”
  • “Our pay and benefits are competitive, but where we stand out is our culture—a positive work environment, beautiful lunchrooms and rest rooms, monthly recognition and award programs, a defined career path, and a company newsletter reporting on everyone’s life activities and work accomplishments.”
  • “The top three reasons employees tell us they are quitting are because they don’t feel valued by their organization, they don’t feel valued by their manager and they don’t feel a sense of belonging at work.”
Webinar:  2022's Hottest Businesses, Markets & Trends
Will 2022 be a year of recovery or discovery? Or perhaps a bit of both? The start of a new year is the perfect time for small-business owners to learn the latest business trends.

In this timely webinar, presented by small-business expert and best-selling author Rieva Lesonsky, you’ll learn about the breakthrough small-business ideas and industries that excite consumers. Lesonsky also addresses America’s changing demographics, attitudes and consumer behaviors, and explains how your small business can best adapt and address them.

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