Upskilling by Metal Formers--a Talk with 2023 PMA Board Chairman Jeff Aznavorian, E617

July 11, 2023

Jeff AznavorianJeff Aznavorian joins the Destiny of Manufacturing to talk about workforce and technology. He is reinventing Clips and Clamps by changing the way it uses technology and how the company leverages the strength of itsworkforce. 

“Those of us neck-deep in the manufacturing industry," says Aznavorian, "must be prepared for the changes coming our way, and that means supporting our biggest asset: our employees.  How do I anticipate doing that? By developing a system of upskilling.  The days of manual labor being the primary way to work in manufacturing are gone.  Everything is becoming data driven and technology- based, requiring a high level of thinking and problem solving."


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Technologies: Management, Training


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