Mark Giertych, technical training specialist/robotics and automation, at GennFlex, E704

December 1, 2023

Mark Giertych is a technical training specialist at GennFlex, Inc., a company dedicated to delivering advanced robotics and automation training solutions for Industry 4.0.  His skill set encompasses troubleshooting, wiring, and interfacing different machines to work seamlessly, with real-world experience integrating robot arms for diverse automation processes and conducting training programs on robot integration, operation, and programming.Notable contributions include the development of a comprehensive training manual for Yaskawa Motoman operating with a smart pendant, as well as courses on machine tending and machine vision with robots.

His big takeaway, in this conversation: In order for U.S. manufacturers to continue to evolve and thrive, companies need workers with advanced skills in automation and other Industry 4.0 tenets.  “At GennFlex,” he says, “we’re looking to train the next generation of employees to become metal fabricators—robotics, welding, laser cutting, CNC machining, etc…through our 16 week program designed to prepare workers for careers in metal fabrication.”Mark's commitment to knowledge dissemination extends to both internal and external audiences.

For inquiries or professional connections, feel free to reach out to Mark at or connect with him on LinkedIn.View the progress of their apprenticeship program and their students. It is an inspirational video.

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