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Accuracy and Programming Tools for Robot and Cobot Applications

October 17, 2023

ABB-Bullseye-10-tool-center-point-Gofa-cobotAs seen at FABTECH 2023...In addition to numerous robotic welding and other robotic applications, ABB displayed accuracy and programming technologies designed to ease use of robots and cobots (collaborative robots) on shop floors. This includes Bullseye 10 fully automated tool center point (TCP), teamed at FABTECH with a with a newly offered GoFa (12-kg-capacity model) extended-reach cobot. The new Bullseye 10 features customized pre-defined programs that enable precise calibration during production. This latest Bullseye release, including a revolutionary codebase and state-of-the-art sensor technology, according to company officials, can be used to calibrate tools of a variety of shapes. While earlier versions of Bullseye were restricted to gas-metal-arc-welding tool designs, Bullseye 10 also is suited to cutting tools that do not contain consumable wire electrodes.

ABB-Scalable-Arc-robotic-welding-programmingAlso on display, the Scalable Arc platform, technology that enhances ABB’s existing portfolio of no-code programming applications designed to help remove the need for specialized programming knowledge. The platform allows a welder to teach a task to the robot by pointing to where the weld should be applied, with the robot learning the path on its own. The platform features a 3D camera in a protective box attached to the robot end-of-arm tooling, and uses a touchscreen interface to guide the welder through the scan, teach, validate and tuning steps.  At FABTECH, Scalable Arc was featured on the FlexArc U2 robotic welding cell.

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