Qualification Process When Using Sustainable Metal Powders for AM in a Production Environment

February 16, 2023

Sustainability and recycling are two words that have been grabbing headlines in additive manufacturing. AM organizations have been looking at ways to incorporate sustainable materials into their production processes. However, there is a lingering skepticism surrounding the use of sustainable materials, questions asked range from: 

1. "Will the material meet my spec?"

2. “Are we taking a hit on quality?"

3. “Are we going to have to pay more?"

4. “Other than sustainability, are there any additional benefits?”  

These are just a few of the many questions companies are wrestling with when using metal AM powders derived from sustainable sources such as scrap or used powder.

In this presentation, you’ll hear from Dr. Behrang Poorganji, Vice President of Materials Technology at Morf3D, a strategic supplier to aerospace and defense customers. Dr. Poorganji will detail their qualification of powders made from sustainable sources and will highlight the specific requirements they are looking for to satisfy some of their more demanding applications and strategic customers. In this presentation, he will share some of the material results they have seen from their qualification process and how it enables their customers to be more environmentally friendly.


Behrang Poorganji, Ph.D., VP of Materials Technology, Morf3D

Jamie Perozzi, VP of Technology, 6K Additive

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