MetalForming LIVE On the Shop Floor 2023: Pressroom Automation

July 6, 2023

Case Studies from Clips & Clamps Industries and Sukup Manufacturing Co. illustrate how shop-floor automation is helping to boost productivity, safely and efficiently. Take these ideas, explored in-depth, back to your operations and see where automation could fit.  

• An automated lean cell at Clips & Clamps performs a series of value-added processes, including wire forming, cold heading, coining, piercing, stamping, resistance-spot welding and machine-vision inspection.  

• A robot at Sukup Manufacturing destacks blanks and tends to two stamping presses to produce flooring supports for use in grain-storage operations. The robot loads 20-gauge steel blanks into a 300-ton mechanical press for forming, unloads the formed part (now a tube section) and transfers it to a hydraulic press for bending.

Industry-Related Terms: Coining, Forming, Hydraulic Press, Piercing
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Technologies: Pressroom Automation, Bending, Quality Control


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