Die-Free Blanking Class A Quality & Structural Parts

June 8, 2022

5 Smart Solutions with Laser Blanking Technology

Die-free production of Class A quality and structural parts is possible—even for high volume serial production! Schuler pioneered a way for manufacturers to produce blanks with no presses or dies and achieve long-term, cost-efficient success with innovative laser blanking technology.

This seminar will introduce the basics of laser blanking (what it is, why it matters, and how it achieves desired results). Whether you are a Purchaser, Plant Manager, VP, or Technical Engineer, you will learn how laser blanking technology reduces capital equipment investment, optimizes for cost-effective production, increases material savings with better nesting capabilities, and increases OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness).

Registrants will also learn about customizable laser blanking solutions for high-strength steel, aluminum, and stainless-steel parts. By the conclusion of this seminar, registrants will be able to address the five simple ways laser blanking technology can provide smart solutions for:

  • Effective small batch production of various high-strength materials
  • Competitive high-speed and high-output results
  • Cost-effective approaches to increase capacity in existing or new facilities
  • Material cost savings and utilization
  • Product optimization

Schuler is the only supplier to provide DynamicFlow Technology (DFT) to the industry, a technology that combines the advantages of flexible laser cutting with the speed of conventional blanking. The company’s laser blanking lines have been producing outer body blanks since 2012 and can achieve up to 45 parts per minute—further establishing the company as a leading supplier and expert of laser blanking lines. Schuler North America has the largest local support team and technical know-how within the U.S. for laser blanking technology.

Kevin McAllister, president of Schuler North America, will kick off the seminar.


Kevin McAllisterKevin McAllister, President, Schuler North America

Under McAllister’s leadership, Schuler made record numbers in sales orders last year in North America—despite challenging market conditions. This includes Schuler’s largest new-market order for the kitchen and bath industry. McAllister’s career of near forty years began as a Control Systems Engineer with a customer, prior to joining ABB. McAllister’s unique perspective of being a customer established his visceral mindset for value proposition and strategic partnerships—resulting in profitable growth at every regional and global location he’s managed. His reputable performance in leading businesses, repositioning brands, implementing P&L strategies, and reshaping company cultures earned him multiple CEO Awards. McAllister is a proud Canadian-American with dual citizenship. He currently resides in the Greater Detroit Area with his wife of 30 years. Their daughter lives in Chicago, IL.


Justine FonteyneJustine Fonteyne, Area Sales Manager, Schuler North America

As Area Sales Manager of the Americas at Schuler Group GmbH, Germany, Justine Fonteyne is responsible for new equipment sales of conventional and laser blanking technology, along with automation and digital solutions of such. Justine has worked closely with the metal working industry, including world-renowned automotive OEMs and tier suppliers, for over five years. Through the combination of her technical background, international network, and specialized market expertise, she provides the Americas with a customized outlook to smart factory solutions. Justine’s dynamic consulting approach has framed the groundwork for American companies to achieve long-term, cost-efficient success. With Justine’s support, Schuler sold three laser blanking lines in the U.S. alone last year—enabling competitive high-speed and high-output results for American manufacturers. 

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