Tools for Punch Presses, Press Brakes

June 8, 2023


Mate Precision Technologies

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Mate showcases its comprehensive range of tooling technologies for fabricating machines, including the One-Hit-Hinge tool that forms two sections of a curl on two separate knuckles, creating a closed circle. When assembled with mating forms, the pin is held securely in place by 360-deg. contact. Because the One-Hit-Hinge does not have to be formed straight up and curled down (three-high style), the hinge diameter can be larger and will not interfere with the machine gap. Use the Mate One-Hit-Hinge to reduce the number of tool hits, increase form size and reduce part cost.

Also, to expand press brake capabilities,  the Ultraform PBT combines Mate’s Ultraform thick-turret forming system with a newly improved universal press brake forming holder. Use Ultraform PBT to produce electrical knockouts, louvers, lance and forms, embosses, and stencils.

And, the new Screw Pocket Lance & Form tool eliminates the need for a formed flange and hardware. It creates a form in the edge of the sheet that is designed to receive the screw-thread directly. This eliminates hardware and a secondary operation, with both components securely fastened together. 
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