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New Coil-End Welder

March 1, 2008
Kent Corp., North Royalton, OH, has New Coil-end welder introduced a new line of coil-end welders. The new compact designs are for press, rollform and strip-processing lines as well as tube mills. The coil-end welders have the shear and weld station on one platen. After shearing, the shear indexes toward the flattener/ straightener and the weld head, and clamps move into place. This means that the strip ends do not have to be moved for final fitup. Therefore, the machine can be positioned tight against the flattener, mill or other machinery. This design takes up less space than traditional coil-joining equipment and is ideal for stamping and other lines where space is an issue. The welding method is usually gas-tungsten-arc, which does not add thickness and will pass easily through progressive dies and other roll tooling. The welder is offered in strip widths to 96 in.

Industry-Related Terms: Lines, Shearing, Thickness
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Technologies: Coil and Sheet Handling


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