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Automatic Feed Introduces Edge Stacker for Surface- and Edge-Critical Blanks

February 17, 2022

automatic-feed-company-edge-blank-stackerAutomatic Feed Co. (AFCO) has introduced the Edge Stacker, featuring a servo-driven overhead conveyor that transports blanks and precisely drops them into ice-cube stacks while maintaining premium edge quality.  Use the stacking system on blanking or cut-to-length lines processing surface-sensitive steel or aluminum, as well as on laser-welding lines.  Material capacity, 0.5 to 3.0 mm thick; blank-size capacity, 100-4000 mm long by 300-2134 mm wide. The stackers are available as single- or double-station units and can be equipped with switchable permanent magnets, a vacuum system, or as a hybrid version that includes both. Choose from a variety of stacking-guide options.

Edge stackers typically include an exit conveyor with sheet lifters, multiple guide assemblies, and rotating stacking carts with scissor lifts.  Select from several operating modes including single stacking for a single stack per station; continuous-mode stacking for non-trapezoidal blanks; alternate-mode stacking for trapezoidal blanks; dual side-by-side part stacking; and dual end-to-end part stacking. A Soft Piling feature, unique to AFCO’s motion-control technology, protects the leading edge of parts; for an added level of edge protection, add the Stop & Drop stacking feature.

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