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Automatic Feed Debuts Coil-Feed Lines for High-Strength Steel, Aluminum

February 7, 2022

Automatic-Feed-Company-Pro-series-coil-processing-linesAutomatic Feed Company (AFCO), Napoleon, OH, has introduced its Pro Series coil-processing lines aimed at Tier automotive suppliers processing advanced high-strength steels and aluminum alloys for non-surface-sensitive automotive applications.  The lines comprise a single reel and coil cart, peeler, straightener, threading table and press feed, and can directly feed coil stock to a stamping press or a laser-blanking system. The controls package enables integration between the press and the coil line and includes a pedestal-mounted HMI with touchscreen control. 

Pro Series systems come in three sizes, with coil-width capacity of 40, 60, or 80 in.  All models can feed a minimum coil width of 4 in. and sheet thickness from 0.02 to 0.25 in. at speeds to 160 ft./min. Use the machines to feed aluminum grades with yield strengths to 350 MPa and steel to 1200 MPa, with maximum coil weight of 60,000 lb. and 80-in. maximum coil o.d. The units feature AFCO’s state-of-the-art leveler technology and include a straightener calculator to help operators adjust straightener settings. The uncoiler reel features a servo motor for optimum back-tension control. 

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