Nozzle-Cutting Technology for Tank Heads

January 2, 2024

Brighton-Tru-Edge-Tru-Cut-3DBrighton Tru-Edge, a cold-form tank-head manufacturer, has launched Tru-Cut 3D, which company officials say revolutionizes the way fabricators across the United States can cut penetrations into their tank heads.

“Tru-Cut 3D is a game-changer for us and delivers benefits to our customers beyond our signature Tru-Edge bevel that allows for faster fit-ups,” says Adam Hock, president of Brighton Tru-Edge. “We now can pre-cut holes using laser scanning and seven-axis cutting technology with absolute precision, plus bevel those holes according to exact customer specifications. We essentially eliminate multiple steps typically performed by our fabricating customers, which saves them both time and money with no costly mistakes.”

The new technology was installed in early June 2023, and Hock says that several existing customers already have taken advantage of this technology and are seeing immediate time savings and increased margin benefits. 

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