“A steel mill with a busted ladle part is not producing steel and must be back online quickly,” explains Loveman. “With our workers and the equipment inhouse, we can turn around these orders, so customers keep coming back to us.”

Indeed, the list of Loveman’s recent and repeat customers reads like a Who’s Who. Within the past five years, the company has completed projects for U.S. Steel, Severstal N.A., AK Steel, Sun Coke, Allegheny Technologies, Nucor, Metso Minerals, Mitsubishi-Hitachi, North American Stainless and Arcelor Mittal. 

Beyond its clients in the material-producing and finishing industries, Loveman serves the power-generation, material-handling, petrochemical, aerospace and transportation industries. All of these industries employ unique pieces of equipment that operate under the harshest conditions, and it’s only a matter of time before a breakdown occurs. 

 Loveman has demonstrated to these customers that it can handle whatever may come its way, and deliver as promised. Sometimes that requires extra elbow grease, especially on larger parts. One recent project, recalls Loveman, necessitated fabricating a large 100-ft.-dia. assembly in 24 pieces, trial-assembling and truing it outdoors to ensure proper fitup, and disassembly into 24 pieces for delivery by truck to the customer.

But that’s all in a day’s work at Loveman Steel, where unique solutions are married to unique challenges.  MF

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