Case Study 2: Robotic Press Tending

Sukup-Mfg-Motoman-Press-tending-RobotWhen Lou met with the team at Sukup Manufacturing early in 2022, he learned how the company has been leveraging automation to meet rapidly increasing customer demand for its grain-storage and-handling systems and equipment. One of the latest automation additions at the Sheffield, IA-based manufacturer: a Yaskawa Motoman robot that destacks blanks and tends to two stamping presses to produce flooring supports for use in grain-storage operations. The robot loads 20-gauge steel blanks into a 300-ton mechanical press for forming, unloads the formed part (now a tube section) and transfers it to a hydraulic press for bending.

The press-tending robot at Sukup, installed midway through 2021, automates what had been three manual operations. The result was a 30-percent reduction in cycle time, and the firm was able to transition from three operators to one, allowing it to redeploy two operators into other departments.

Joining us for the online event will be the firm’s chief marketing officer Matt Koch, who’ll provide additional details, and provide an update:

“The robotic press-tending application has worked so well that we are duplicating the setup at another company location. And, we’re bringing Yaskawa Motoman back in to tap its expertise to assess further automation opportunities to gain uptime on the 300-ton mechanical press.” MF

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