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Edgen Murray Implements Metals-Industry ERP Software

October 1, 2016

Edgen Murray, a distributor of specialized products to the energy and infrastructure markets and a division of Sumitomo Corp., has implemented Stratix metal enterprise software from Invera, a supplier of metals-industry software.

Edgen Murray is making use of the full complement of Stratix features, such as quote and order entry, mill test-certificate scanning, online production and shipment planning, and multi-company functionality. Edgen Murray also implemented Stratix/CSX, which provides customer-specified extensions for the software.

Edgen benefited from the ‘consolidated stock inquiry,’ a multi-company function that allows an authorized user in any of the Edgen Murray companies (there are 35 global locations) to view stock across the enterprise in a single view and avoids having to log in to each company separately to view stock.

The second function automates arm's-length transactions between the separate legal entities, including the purchasing and sale, followed by the subsequent shipment and receipt of material. This was significant for Edgen Murray because, as Alan Jones, senior vice president and CIO, points out, “We have a very complex organizational structure in the Middle East that previously required multiple purchase and sales orders to complete a transaction and frequently led to errors and omissions. With Stratix, it’s automated to the point that a single entry creates all the cascading sales and purchase records at one time.”

Implementation of the metals ERP software includes sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, invoicing, and financials.

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