Equispheres Launches Three AL-Powder Lines Along With Bundled Engineering Services

January 18, 2021

Equispheres launches a new line of aluminum powder products that can be bundled with advanced engineering services to assist users in achieving optimal results for specialty metal-additive manufacturing (AM) applications. The three new powders are variations on the original high-performance aluminum alloy that have each been engineered to offer enhanced features for increased print precision, enhanced printed part strength, or faster print speed and volume, according to company officials.

In addition to the original atomized AlSi10Mg powder produced by the company, the new metal powder products include: Equispheres Performance, designed to provide enhanced printed part strength and performance across a range of applications; Equispheres Precision, for applications where fine features and precision are of paramount importance, and reportedly delivering a 50-percent improvement in dimensional accuracy; and Equispheres Production, designed to reduce the cost per part manufactured. The company is working on parameter sets to increase production speeds by three to four times via Equispheres Production.

As part of the powder-delivery package, Equispheres now provides bundled application engineering services to assist customers in achieving optimal results with the powder specific to their application requirements.

“The unique nature of the Equispheres powder requires the use of special printer parameters to achieve the best outcomes,” says Evan Butler-Jones, the company’s director of applications engineering. “Our research team has been working with our industrial partners in automotive and aerospace to arrive at the optimal methods for the application of our powder. For new customers, that knowledge on how to best use the powder is just as important as having the powder itself, which is why we now offer engineering service to facilitate the implementation of the powder into production.”

Adds Dr. Martin Conlon, the company’s chief technology officer: “Equispheres’ unique proprietary atomization process is carefully controlled and can be managed with precision. Powder features such as particle-size distribution, morphology and chemistry can be optimized to achieve specific behavior in the laser melting process and to meet defined application requirements.”

The company reports plans to announce an additional line of products, specifically for sintering and use in binder jet printers, during the first quarter of 2021.

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