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Gain Extra Load Capacity with this Dorner Medium-Duty Conveyor

November 4, 2022

Dorner-2700-medium-duty-conveyorFor applications that need a little extra boost in load capacity, the new 2700 medium-duty conveyor from Dorner, Hartland, WI, reportedly has the strength to carry heavier products for a variety of industrial automation and packaging applications including palletizers, multi-lane processing, case and tray handling and end-of-line packaging.

The new conveyor hits the sweet spot between Dorner’s low-profile 2200 and 3200 heavy-duty platforms. While the 2200 conveyor can carry up to 80 lb., and the 3200 conveyor can support up to 400 lb., and the 2700 is engineered to safely convey up to 150 lb. The 2700 also comes in widths to from 26 to 36 in., in 2-in. increments. And, note company officials, the conveyor can be wider than it is long, which enables an autonomous mobile robot to dock sideways, allowing for more efficient and faster loading and unloading. 

Features and benefits of the 2700 medium-duty conveyors include:

•             V-Guided positive belt tracking for smooth, maintenance-free performance even under demanding side-load applications

•             Precise rack and pinion belt tensioning for fast and simple tensioning

•             Large, sealed-for-life bearings easily 

•             16-mm high-speed nose bar transfer tail for precise transferring of small packages.

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