All-In-One, Compact Production-Robot Integration

November 22, 2023

RoboDK-TwinBox-robot-integrationRoboDK TwinBox integrates pre-installed RoboDK software into industrial PCs and small single-board computers or interprocess communications (IPCs), then can manage multiple devices and robots from various manufacturers simultaneously in a production environment.

In developing this product, RoboDK, a robot-simulation-software company, recognized the need for a more compact and versatile solution that doesn’t rely on conventional computers. Thus the development of TwinBox, a self-contained web-browser-controlled system offering a full suite of features, according to company officials, that enable users to set up and manage robotic systems in their workspaces using a simple single-board computer or IPC. Its compact size offers the advantage of eased positioning; it can be installed either next to or within a factory robot’s control system.

The company’s goal with TwinBox: provide a dedicated version of RoboDK for industrial computers and enable remote control on embedded devices, without the need of a local display, keyboard or mouse. 

TwinBox runs on industrial and consumer-grade hardware, and supports multiple operating systems and hardware architectures. With the remote interface, users also can access TwinBox from anywhere in the world, with full control of all connected external robots, devices and sensors. This allows users to monitor their robots remotely in real time to provide flexibility and control over their automation.

RoboDK software currently supports more than 1000 robot models from more than 50 brands. And, TwinBox is designed to handle simultaneous connections from varied devices, including not only robots but additional devices such as external sensors and computer vision cameras.

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