Augmented Reality App Speeds and Simplifies New Robot Startups

February 12, 2024

Kuka-mixedReality-robot-appKuka’s new Kuka.MixedReality software allows users to visualize the environment of robot cells live on their smartphones to support fast, safe and intuitive robot startups. The free mobile app displays tools and interference geometries for early detection of potential hazards that can then be eliminated before a robot begins to work. The software will simulate robot motion along with a virtual gripper and detect any potential collisions that arise in the AR environment. The ability to resolve potential collisions at an early stage prevents damage to the robot and gripper.

"Augmented or mixed reality is a future-oriented topic that offers promising opportunities in robotics,” says Roland Ritter, Kuka portfolio manager—simulation. “This new mobile app makes robot installation user friendly and safe.”

Other app features: It graphically displays all relevant variables directly for the robot in real time, including Cartesian or violated monitoring spaces, safety-oriented tools and tool spheres; and users can view the corresponding configuration parameters of the spaces or tools.

With the app downloaded to a smartphone or tablet (via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store), all relevant information about the robot transmits directly to the via WLAN through a router or access point—not a Kuka product—and displays visually on the device. AR headsets or additional hardware are not required, and a Kuka.MixedReality Safe technology package installs in the robot controller as a data source, along with one of the Kuka.SafeOperation technology packages to use with the Safe functions.

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