Nikon Metrology Partners to Focus on Automated Inspection

November 20, 2020

Nikon Metrology has forged a partnership with NSI Microscopy Inspection Automation, Wexford, Ireland, to help customers with continuous process improvement by utilizing automated microscopy. NSI specializes in medical-device, pharmaceuticals, electronics, and other sectors involving challenging inspection requirements. Its NSI Toolbox platform can detect any deviation and categorize it as a defect, whether it be a dimension or an attribute surface defect, and then presents it to an operator in a result-driven interface.

The partnership allows Nikon Metrology to target the medical-device community in which NSI specializes, but this type of automation can be used in conjunction with any type of microscopy, or even images from the Nikon Metrology’s NEXIV video-measuring system.

“We recognize that the marketplace is changing and that customers are looking for more automation,” says Darrell Sanderson, vice president of Industrial products and services at Nikon Metrology Americas. “NSI brings to us this automation and a degree of artificial intelligence that allows microscopy to move into the next decade.”

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