Nikon's AI Reconstruction Draws on Deep Learning to Deliver Fast, Clear CT Scans

April 4, 2024

Nikon-Artificial-intelligence-reconstruction-ct-scan-softwareNikon IMBU has released AI Reconstruction, 3D computed-tomography (CT) reconstruction software powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that lifts the traditional tradeoff between scan speed and image quality. By applying deep-learning techniques to enhance image quality, the software, say company officials, enables rapid results and superior analysis. Traditionally, CT users select between fast, lower-quality scans where important details might be missed, or slow, higher-quality scans where fewer items might be scanned.

AI Reconstruction software lifts these limits through AI enhancement tailored to individual customer needs. “AI-enhanced 3D reconstruction represents a fundamental change for industrial CT,” says Chris Price, product manager with Nikon for X-ray & CT Systems. “By lifting the speed-quality tradeoff, AI Reconstruction provides both rapid results and superior image clarity, unlocking a new level of scan flexibility for all users.”

Nikon expects the software to provide a profound impact for applications in the automotive, aerospace and manufacturing sectors, as well as the medical-device industry, where meticulous quality control via precise metrology is essential for product safety.


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Technologies: Quality Control


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