Freedom IoT Introduces Artificial Intelligence Functionality, Self-Help Video Library

June 3, 2021

Freedom IoT, Cincinnati, OH, has introduced its latest shop floor software release, which brings new voice-of-the-customer features and enhancements including new artificial intelligence (AI) functionality and a self-help video library. The AI feature notifies users and other systems of adverse machine and process conditions before they become catastrophic.

The latest version of the software platform also includes a self-help video library that allows users to walk through all the features and functions and help facilitate rapid plantwide user education.

“We have strong relationships with our customers, and we value their feedback,” says Jeff Price, the company’s executive vice president. “We have the benefit of customer input to help us continue to provide the most user friendly, flexible shop-floor software available.”

Among the latest features and enhancements:

Dynamic statistical analysis, allowing users to set up simple to complex AI statistical rules to take the guess work out of manufacturing by continuously monitoring process and machine health.

An updated barcode scanner app, which enables the scanning of part information, downtime and more, using a wireless barcode scanner connected to a mobile device.

An updated operator app that provides a streamlined interface to Freedom’s smart manufacturing platform on a mobile device. 

Real-time dashboards, providing visibility to view industrial internet of things measurement data along with nominal values using a new custom data widget, useful for a variety of metrics including analog sensor data and quality data. Users can compare actual cycle times to expected cycle times thanks to a new custom column chart and line chart widget.

Machine interfaces that provide expanded capability to communicate part-production information and process information.

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