Gauge Sensor Handles High Vibration and Shock

March 1, 2008

Ono Sokki Technology, Inc., Addison, IL, launches 
gauge sensor handles high vibration and shock
its new GS-4630 linear gauge sensor. The sensor can measure dimensions, thickness, displacement, height, depth, flatness and more. It uses linear glass-scale technology to maintain consistent accuracy throughout its entire measuring range.

The GS-4630 produces measurements of 0.00004 in., with a measuring range of 0 to 12 in.

Adding to this sensor’s ruggedness, a waterproof seal makes its resistance equivalent to IP-64G. In addition, a dust bellow is provided for extra protection to enable accurate measurements in harsh environments.

The GS-4630 proves highly resistant to dust, chips, water and oil. It also was built more robust and stands up to much higher shock and vibration then previous generation of gauges, according to company officials.

Ono Sokki Technology, Inc.: 630/627-9700;

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