All-Electric Actuation on Beckwood Hot Forming and SPF Presses to 500 Tons

January 17, 2024

Beckwood-All-Electric-LSP-hot-formingBeckwood Press Co. now offers all-electric linear servo actuators on any hot forming or superplastic forming press with capacities to 500 tons.

Late 2022 saw the unveiling of the Beckwood LSP (Linear Servo Press) line, offering a high degree of forming flexibility at production-level speeds without the use of hydraulic or mechanical flywheel systems. Utilizing LSP technology, new hot forming and SPF presses to 500 tons have an all-electric option that eliminates the need for traditional fluid-power systems. Additionally, existing hot-forming presses reportedly can be retrofitted with linear servo actuators to reap the same benefits of a new servo machine at a lower cost.

The LSP line runs entirely on electricity and combines the flexibility of hydraulic presses with the performance of servomechanical presses, according to company officials. Because linear servo presses achieve full tonnage throughout the stroke, bottom-dead center (BDC) is eliminated. This means no tonnage loss above BDC, and press tonnage can be appropriately sized, resulting in upfront cost savings.

And, by reducing the number of moving components required to generate force, company officials explain, metal formers will experience a simplified design that allows for easy setup and troubleshooting, and zero maintenance for millions of cycles.

Tonnage monitoring and overload protection are standard on these machines, and extreme bed-to-ram parallelism is a byproduct of the technology. The intuitive programming and cycle parameters offer flexibility in configuring speeds, pressures, positions and recipe creation. The programming infrastructure offers full control with strict part traceability while monitoring key components to ensure system health and party quality.

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