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MetalForming: Please describe ways to make SMED less costly and help improve return on investment (ROI).

Scanlan: Like all processes, any opportunity for multiplicity and redundancy improves efficiency in both production and equipment utilization. Multiple matching presses provide opportunities. For example, lower-cost attachment points can be mounted to multiple presses and a single set of lift-off bolster extensions used to service all of them. Spreading the cost of the more expensive components across multiple systems requires good planning and helps to improve ROI. Another example: manual die lifters moved among standardized presses. Many customers prefer to install always-available dedicated equipment. Each case differs, which is why it is important to work with an experienced company that will help explore all the options.

MetalForming: Any final thoughts on QDC?

Scanlan: No longer a nice-to-have option, QDC should be part of standard equipment for all presses. The systems are well defined and easy to implement, especially on small presses that historically have not been fully optimized. Safety is so important. If you do not have QDC in place, now is the time to act. MF

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