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Hybrid Process for High-Speed Welding

March 1, 2008

Welding Solutions Inc., Madison Heights, MI, introduces a new hybrid welding system called Super-MIG, combining two standard processes, plasma-arc and gas-metal-arc, into one hybrid welding process. The system reliably delivers rapid welding speeds under variable-gap conditions, deep weld penetration, minimal spatter and a narrow heat-affected zone. Super-MIG can do true overlap welds—continuous or stitch/ spot configurations. On average, the process has been proven to achieve welding speeds as much as two times faster than the conventional gas-metal-arc-welding (GMAW) applications, according to company officials.

The interface and torch, patented by Plasma Laser Technologies, integrates with any of the commonly used GMAW welding equipment.

Super-MIG combines the deep penetration characteristics of plasma-arc welding with the high wire-deposition rates of GMAW. These two processes are combined in a unique torch. Either an arc-welding robot or hard automation is required to control the movement of the torch, and an automated torch-cleaning device is required to periodically clean the torch.

During tests on zinc-coated sheet, the results of the process included:

• Successful and consistent welding without holes or discontinuities;

• High welding speed with a narrow heat-affected zone, assuring a minimum level of post-weld deformations;

• Significant reduction in joint preparation and tooling requirements compared to laser welding, due to the ability of the Super-MIG process to tolerate much larger variable gaps than a laser process; and

• Clean welds without spatter, meeting automotive requirements.

Welding Solutions Inc.: 248/585-9966;

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