Ready-to-Integrate Laser Welding Packages

March 4, 2024

Amada-Weld-Tech-Laser-Integration-WeldingAmada Weld Tech, Inc. has announced availability of a range of ready-to-integrate laser welding packages designed to simplify integration into a larger automation line. This new offering expands upon the company’s current range of components and semi-automated workcells by bundling multiple components together.

Laser welding-integrator packages include a combination of laser, beam-delivery, machine-vision and process-monitoring components bundled for quick adoption into an enclosure or onto a production line, enabling engineers to focus on other automation processes.

Included with the Amada Weld Tech package are graphical-user-interface software, manuals, drawings, the industrial-communication-command set and integration examples. These packages provide all of the necessary mechanical, electrical and communication information to integrate easily into a system, according to company officials. Also included: access to Amada Weld Tech’s technical center, where a dedicated engineering team provides application and process-development support, helping to ensure that the equipment will perform the desired process once installed.

Advanced features in these integration packages, such as machine vision and process monitoring, enhance manufacturing productivity by ensuring the correct positioning of the laser beam on the part and catching potential defects during the welding process. 

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