Logopress3 Now Animates Transfer Dies

October 1, 2016

Accurate Die Design Software Inc.
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After having animated progressive dies for many years within its die-design software, Logopress3 has added transfer-die animation as well. In addition, the software now allows for realistic animation with various press types so that users can accurately simulate motion curves for servo presses and link-motion presses. Varying progressions through a transfer die can be simulated along with stock lift at stations independent of the other stations. Rotation of the part also can be simulated, as can every other function including cams.

In addition to the visual animation, interference also can be checked through the entire tool as the parts of the die are moving exactly as they would in the press. This includes the strip, or in the case of a transfer die the individual parts, as they are lifting, advancing and even rotating in the press.

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