Near-Neutral-pH Descaler Ideal for Mixed-Metal Applications

September 1, 2015

PPG Industries introduces Ultrax metal conditioner 257, a near-neutral descaler solution that removes weld scale, light oxide and other impurities from steel surfaces. It also preconditions galvanized steel, white metal, aluminum and other nonferrous materials prior to pretreatment with zinc-phosphate and other thin-film pretreatments.

Ultrax metal conditioner 257 enables descaling and surface activation of welds while pre-conditioning surfaces of parts comprised of mixed-metal substrates through a single descaling system. With conventional conditioning technologies, there is no simple way for manufacturers to clean and precondition welded parts fabricated from steel, galvanized steel and nonferrous metals prior to pretreatment. Ultrax 257 eliminates that problem by facilitating uniform application of zinc phosphate, which creates a corrosion-resistant barrier on mixed-metal frames, engine cradles, control arms, linkages and other underbody parts exposed to moisture, road salt, gravel and other hazards. Users also gain improved phosphate coverage on and around welded seams and other zones affected by heat during welding and manufacturing, even after significant bath aging.

Other features: The descaler emits no fumes, slows iron-build in the descale tank for longer bath life, and produces less sludge than standard acid-pickle descaling systems, say company officials. The result is minimal waste, low disposal costs and a safe operating environment.

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